THE GOLDEN GIRLS PODCAST! Each week Anthony Desamito (@AnthonyDesamito) and Genevieve Rice (@genevieverice) invite a guest comedian to watch an episode of the Golden Girls and they discuss its greatness just for you! (@tyfbap)
The Golden Girls Ep 019 Second Motherhood with Stu Baker

We had the comedic "real deal" that is Stu Baker (@StuBakerComedy, All Comedy Radio, Lopez Tonight Freelance Writer) on the Golden Girls podcast! We munched down on some delicious homemade guac as we watched the episode where Blanche gets engaged to a rich man, and spoiler alert... HE HAS KIDS!!! Also, Dorothy and Rose become plumbers. We discussed jumping out of jet planes, Back to the Future and a dystopian toilet society. Full disclosure: Genevieve's mic was acting up, but we forgave it. You should too!

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The Golden Girls Ep 018 The Operation with Shawn Collins

We had a BLAST with the funny, clever and lovable Shawn Collins​ (@theBullyMammoth, Bully Mammoth Sketch Comedy, Cinester Theater)! It was a cold and dark Super Bowl night, yet we watched the Golden Girls instead! The one where Dorothy needs a foot operation and has to stay at a pretty messed up hospital. We talked about ugly fruit baskets, getting your tits cut off and drinking in the park. Full disclosure: We had some problems with Shawn's mic, if you can make it past 3 minutes it continues to get better. Thanks all!

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The Golden Girls Ep 017 Nice and Easy with Steve Maxwell

We had some scotch and cigarettes with the broodingly hilarious Steve Maxwell (@ComedyOnTap, Hidden House Comedy, The Almost Homeless Comedy Tour) and watched episode 17 of season one, "Nice and Easy!" It was the one where Blanche's niece is sexually out of control and totally slut-upstaging her aunt AND as per usual, Dorothy wants the blood of a house mouse to be shed. We talked about Miami Vice, vagina cockroaches and how to bang your way into a Florida college. 

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The Golden Girls Ep 016 The Truth Will Out with Molly Dean

The silly, imcomparable Molly Dean (@WLDbrryHashTart, The Freakin' A's, Comedy On Fire) joined the podcast, hooray! We unbuttoned our pants and watched the one where Rose tells her daughter the truth about her late husband; also her grandaughter is really weird. We chatted up about having sex with logs, peeing in coffee and crotchless scuba suits. Check it out GG homies! 

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The Golden Girls Ep 015 In a Bed of Rose's with Ronn Vigh

The vivacious & quick-witted, The Golden Girls superfan Ronn Vigh (@RonnRonnVigh, E! Fashion Police, Last Comic Standing) fueled our show with his genuine Golden Girl fan passion... And it was amazing! We watched the one where Rose finds her date dead in her bed the next morning, also he's totally married. We chatted about getting boners to Grey's Anatomy, bad bowling and mixed-race couple extras. 

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The Golden Girls Ep 014 That Was No Lady with Matt Micheletti

Our first episode of 2015! Wohoo!!! The great, enjoyable Matt Micheletti (@onmattalon, Comedy On Fire, First Friday Night Live) watched the lost episode of the Golden Girls with us. The only episode iTunes skips and not found anywhere but DVD... Is it a conspiracy? Probably. It's the one where Dorothy finds out she's dating a married guy, then gets back with him. Whaaat?!! We talked about vehicle insurance fraud, dusty medicine balls and slavery. 

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The Golden Girls Ep 013 A Little Romance with Michelle Biloon

The wildly hysterical Michelle Biloon (@biloon, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Chelsea Lately) joined us to watch the next episode of the Golden Girls and Leslie Barton (@yorbeautifl, Leslie's Comedy Corner, Space 55) guest co-hosted for Genevieve! Hooray! We watched the one where Rose dates a little person and everyone freaks out; it is 1985 after all! We talked about littleneck clams, CPR gangbangs and uncircumsiced gingerbread men.

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The Golden Girls Ep 012 The Custody Battle with Tara Egnatios

The funny and insightful Tara Egnatios (@TaraEgnatios, The Young, Hot, & Gay Tour, LA Comedy Awards: Producer's Choice for Best Female Comic) flew in and watched the next episode of the Golden Girls with us, the one where Dorothy's sister Gloria tries to steal Sophia back to Cali and Blanche tries to get a lead role in Macbeth by boning the community theatre director! We talked about real-life witch curses, Italian Mary Poppins and of course, gay men trapped in basements. Listen now!

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The Golden Girls Ep 011 The Return of Dorothy's Ex with Jill Bryan

The lovely, amazingly hilar Jill Bryan (@jillbryan, The Comedy Battalion, The Lu Valentino Show) sat down to watch a PRIMO episode of our super golden friends with us! We watched the one where Stan comes back to get some Dorothy poontang. We talked about swamp fucking, stand-up at Camp Snoopy and NYC subway jizz! 

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The Golden Girls Ep 010 The Heart Attack with Clifton Gray

We were delighted to have the funny, most-ever-so talented Clifton Gray (@tfg46, The Torch Theatre, Phoenix Improv Festival) on our show! We watched the one where the whole episode consists of the girls waiting for the paramedics because Sophia is having a heart attack and of course, hilarity ensues! We talked about coffin wraps, #skullporno and Rose's Kwanza outfit.    

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