THE GOLDEN GIRLS PODCAST! Each week Anthony Desamito (@AnthonyDesamito) and Genevieve Rice (@genevieverice) invite a guest comedian to watch an episode of the Golden Girls and they discuss its greatness just for you! (@tyfbap)
The Golden Girls Ep 026 End of the Curse with Tom Sims

Season 2 begins!!! We made it!!! And we have a NEW fun 8-bit theme song known from the awesome Busy Bea app, written by artist Mike Dennison (@mikd33, @midnight, and app developer Brian Kokernak (@kokernutz, MTV Apps, Check them out please, they are amazing guys. We're starting the new season right with the wonderful, smooth talking Tom Sims (@TomSimsComedy, Great American Comedy Festival Finalist, Great Southwest Laff Off Winner) who come over and watched a very changing episode of the Golden Girls, if you will. We talked about Spanish flies, Gazoo from the Flinstones and gay to straight mink conversion.    

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The Golden Girls Ep 025 The Way We Met with Bill Binder

Finally the hilariously epic Bill Binder (@whbinder, Phoenix Improv Festival, Del Close Marathon) took a break from his The Torch Theatre duties and watched the LAST episode of season one with us! That's right, WE COMPLETED THE FIRST SEASON!!! *noisemakers* We watched the prequel, the Phantom Menace of the Golden Girls, if you will... the one where we find out how the girls met and how much strangers can yell at each other. We talked about Tuesday-only bulleting boards, moonlit breasts and genderless children.

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The Golden Girls Ep 024 Big Daddy with Amy Carpenter

The fantasmic, hyper-quirky Amy Carpenter (@AmywithanEye, Mail Order Bride, Phoenix Improv Festival) graciously watched the next episode of the Golden Girls with us and it was magic. True magic. We watched the one where Blanche's father, "Big Daddy," comes to visit and he reveals a surprise that ruffles her feathers and push-up bra. We talked about wearing a mayonnaise suit, gay cowboy bars and the new Golden Girls spin-off, Just Glad to Be Gladys. 

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The Golden Girls Ep 023 Blind Ambitions with Ro Delle Grazie and Chris Cope

This was a riot! Truly a blast. We had the fantastic Ro Delle Grazie (@RoDelleGrazie, VH1, Oxygen) and the unstoppable Chris Cope (@ChrisCopeComedy, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, FOX's Laughs) visit our hotel room at the San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival and watch the Golden Girls with us! We watched the one where Rose's recently blinded sister visits and asks Rose to move back with her to Chicago. We talked about gypsy curses, time-traveling Bruce Jenner and antique loaded crossbows. 

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The Golden Girls Ep 022 Job Hunting with Aisha Alfa and Shawn Halpin

We had the incredibly funny Aisha Alfa (@aishaalfa, Degrassi, Toronto Comedy Brawl Finalist) and the totes hilarious Shawn Halpin (@shawnhalpin, The Tom Green World Stand Up Comedy Tour, Sydney Comedy Festival) on the Golden Girls podcast!! We watched episode "22," the one where Rose loses her job after the grief center closes and the rest of the girls yell at her for it. We talked about sleeping with a stethoscope on, leather conventions and keeping a skeleton for 10 years. 

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The Golden Girls Ep 021 The Flu with Anwar Newton

The brilliantly funny Anwar Newton (@AnwarDinoCzar, Phoenix New Times: 100 Phoenix Creatives, Big Pine Comedy Festival) sat down with us and watched the one where all the Golden Girls get the flu and fight for 22 minutes. It was some kind of nasty. We talked about vampire banquets, Mystic River dresses and slimy firefighter poles.

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The Golden Girls Ep 020 Adult Education with Jen Kober and Michael Palladino

We had a hoot with the hilariously boisterous Jen Kober (@JenKober, Real Husbands of Hollywood, The Mindy Project) and the classically witty Michael Palladino (@MikeyPalla480, The Taffy Room, Lists of Fury) on our Golden Girls podcast, hooray! We watched the one where Blanche has to decide wether or not she's going to bone her college professor to pass her psychology final, while the rest of the gang try to frantically get Frank Sinatra tickets. We talked about short-sleeved dress shirts, fetish balls and notebooks filled with men's phone numbers. 

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The Golden Girls Ep 019 Second Motherhood with Stu Baker

We had the comedic "real deal" that is Stu Baker (@StuBakerComedy, All Comedy Radio, Lopez Tonight Freelance Writer) on the Golden Girls podcast! We munched down on some delicious homemade guac as we watched the episode where Blanche gets engaged to a rich man, and spoiler alert... HE HAS KIDS!!! Also, Dorothy and Rose become plumbers. We discussed jumping out of jet planes, Back to the Future and a dystopian toilet society. Full disclosure: Genevieve's mic was acting up, but we forgave it. You should too!

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The Golden Girls Ep 018 The Operation with Shawn Collins

We had a BLAST with the funny, clever and lovable Shawn Collins​ (@theBullyMammoth, Bully Mammoth Sketch Comedy, Cinester Theater)! It was a cold and dark Super Bowl night, yet we watched the Golden Girls instead! The one where Dorothy needs a foot operation and has to stay at a pretty messed up hospital. We talked about ugly fruit baskets, getting your tits cut off and drinking in the park. Full disclosure: We had some problems with Shawn's mic, if you can make it past 3 minutes it continues to get better. Thanks all!

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The Golden Girls Ep 017 Nice and Easy with Steve Maxwell

We had some scotch and cigarettes with the broodingly hilarious Steve Maxwell (@ComedyOnTap, Hidden House Comedy, The Almost Homeless Comedy Tour) and watched episode 17 of season one, "Nice and Easy!" It was the one where Blanche's niece is sexually out of control and totally slut-upstaging her aunt AND as per usual, Dorothy wants the blood of a house mouse to be shed. We talked about Miami Vice, vagina cockroaches and how to bang your way into a Florida college. 

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