THE GOLDEN GIRLS PODCAST! Each week Anthony Desamito (@AnthonyDesamito) and Genevieve Rice (@genevieverice) invite a guest comedian to watch an episode of the Golden Girls and they discuss its greatness just for you! (@tyfbap)
The Golden Girls Ep 025 The Way We Met with Bill Binder

Finally the hilariously epic Bill Binder (@whbinder, Phoenix Improv Festival, Del Close Marathon) took a break from his The Torch Theatre duties and watched the LAST episode of season one with us! That's right, WE COMPLETED THE FIRST SEASON!!! *noisemakers* We watched the prequel, the Phantom Menace of the Golden Girls, if you will... the one where we find out how the girls met and how much strangers can yell at each other. We talked about Tuesday-only bulleting boards, moonlit breasts and genderless children.

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