THE GOLDEN GIRLS PODCAST! Each week Anthony Desamito (@AnthonyDesamito) and Genevieve Rice (@genevieverice) invite a guest comedian to watch an episode of the Golden Girls and they discuss its greatness just for you! (@tyfbap)
The Golden Girls Ep 047 Diamond in the Rough with Patrick Keane

The stupendously funny Patrick Keane (@citizenkeane, Comedy Central, Comic's Unleashed) was our guest this week!!! It was the Romeo and Juliet of table manners. We watched the one where Blanche starts dating a super hot guy who eats soup without a spoon and fixes strangers' transmissions off the side of the road. And Blanche can't handle that unsophisticated behavior now. We talked about Jake from Sixteen Candles, walls of pussy and Otho from Beetlejuice. Music by Mike Dennison (@mikd33) and Brian Kokernak (@kokernutz). 

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