THE GOLDEN GIRLS PODCAST! Each week Anthony Desamito (@AnthonyDesamito) and Genevieve Rice (@genevieverice) invite a guest comedian to watch an episode of the Golden Girls and they discuss its greatness just for you! (@tyfbap)

We had the super fantastic Jackie Kashian (@jackiekashian, The Jackie and Laurie Show, I'm Not the Hero of This Story on iTunes!) on the Golden Girls podcast and it was a Stanisode! We ate chicken pizza and watched the one where Dorothy is full on dating Stan again and nothing can seem to stop them. Also, Rose has a new super needy co-worker who won't stop talking chatting with her! We talked about Rusty Trombones, ouija board booty calls and English muffin openers. Music by Mike Dennison (@mikd33) and Brian Kokernak (@kokernutz).    

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