THE GOLDEN GIRLS PODCAST! Each week Anthony Desamito (@AnthonyDesamito) and Genevieve Rice (@genevieverice) invite a guest comedian to watch an episode of the Golden Girls and they discuss its greatness just for you! (@tyfbap)

We had the magical Kerrilynn Gallagher (@kergal14, PHX People, Lady Killers) on the Golden Girls podcast! It was a hurricanisode! From the infamous NBC's Hurricane Saturday, a one-off cross-over programming block with Empty Nest and Nurses! It's the one where a hurricane's a comin' and Sophia is the only one who seems to care, Dorothy catches her sister Gloria having sex with Stan who is still in therapy from Ep 160 and Blanche and Rose try to save a lighthouse through a fundraiser. A LOT HAPPENS! We talked Bea Arthur's body double, Michael's iron-on letters and monkey keychains. Music by Mike Dennison (@mikd33) and Brian Kokernak (@kokernutz).

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