THE GOLDEN GIRLS PODCAST! Each week Anthony Desamito (@AnthonyDesamito) and Genevieve Rice (@genevieverice) invite a guest comedian to watch an episode of the Golden Girls and they discuss its greatness just for you! (@tyfbap)

We had Golden Girls super-fan Erin Alexis (@erinalexistweet, True Blood, Hart of Dixie) on one of the last Golden Girls podcast episodes ever! Hooray! We watched an attention-sode! It was the one where Blanche invites a depressed Dorothy to the Rusty Anchor, Dorothy surprisingly is a hit among the bar's testosterone-driven clientele and Blanche does not like this one bit. Also, Sophia decides to throw herself a wake while she's alive with the help of Rose. We talked about The Star Wars Holiday Special, the movie Wake Crashers and Dance Dance Revolution. Music by Mike Dennison (@mikd33) and Brian Kokernak (@kokernutz).

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