THE GOLDEN GIRLS PODCAST! Each week Anthony Desamito (@AnthonyDesamito) and Genevieve Rice (@genevieverice) invite a guest comedian to watch an episode of the Golden Girls and they discuss its greatness just for you! (@tyfbap)
The Golden Girls Ep 013 A Little Romance with Michelle Biloon

The wildly hysterical Michelle Biloon (@biloon, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Chelsea Lately) joined us to watch the next episode of the Golden Girls and Leslie Barton (@yorbeautifl, Leslie's Comedy Corner, Space 55) guest co-hosted for Genevieve! Hooray! We watched the one where Rose dates a little person and everyone freaks out; it is 1985 after all! We talked about littleneck clams, CPR gangbangs and uncircumsiced gingerbread men.

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The Golden Girls Ep 012 The Custody Battle with Tara Egnatios

The funny and insightful Tara Egnatios (@TaraEgnatios, The Young, Hot, & Gay Tour, LA Comedy Awards: Producer's Choice for Best Female Comic) flew in and watched the next episode of the Golden Girls with us, the one where Dorothy's sister Gloria tries to steal Sophia back to Cali and Blanche tries to get a lead role in Macbeth by boning the community theatre director! We talked about real-life witch curses, Italian Mary Poppins and of course, gay men trapped in basements. Listen now!

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The Golden Girls Ep 011 The Return of Dorothy's Ex with Jill Bryan

The lovely, amazingly hilar Jill Bryan (@jillbryan, The Comedy Battalion, The Lu Valentino Show) sat down to watch a PRIMO episode of our super golden friends with us! We watched the one where Stan comes back to get some Dorothy poontang. We talked about swamp fucking, stand-up at Camp Snoopy and NYC subway jizz! 

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The Golden Girls Ep 010 The Heart Attack with Clifton Gray

We were delighted to have the funny, most-ever-so talented Clifton Gray (@tfg46, The Torch Theatre, Phoenix Improv Festival) on our show! We watched the one where the whole episode consists of the girls waiting for the paramedics because Sophia is having a heart attack and of course, hilarity ensues! We talked about coffin wraps, #skullporno and Rose's Kwanza outfit.    

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The Golden Girls Ep 009 Blanche and the Younger Man with Michael Turner

We had the fantastic, engaging Michael Turner (@MJTurner513, The Brothers Turner Podcast, Snap Battles Winner) be our guest and he cracked us up as we discussed the next episode of the Golden Girls. This episode was filled to the rim with mom issues! We watched the one where Blanche goes on a date with a hot young man and Rose's mom comes to visit. We talked about "Look-A-Like" on the TV Guide Channel, vagina volcanoes and caramel popcorn.

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The Golden Girls Ep 008 Break-In with Bob Kubota

In this week's programme we invited the hilarious, legendary, friendly, Bob Kubota (@bobkubota, Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central) to watch the darkest episode of season one so far, "Break-In." This episode had it all; robbery, gun shooting, violent attacks, being mauled by a dog, foot chases, mace, everything that makes Golden Girls what it is today! We talked about downward spirals, flour and how maybe Susan Harris predicted the future? Tune in and find out. 

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The Golden Girls Ep 007 The Competition with Zed Phillips

We had the comical, wonderful Zed Phillips (@zedphillips, Phoenix Comicon, Arizona Laugh Off Facebook Vote Winner) on the Golden Girls podcast! We had a great time watching "The Competition," it's the one where all the Golden Girls end up in a bowling tournament and Sophia meets up with an old Italian beau she use to bang. We talked up Sicilian war history, Rose's superhero origin and men's locker rooms. Ooo-la-la. 

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The Golden Girls Ep 006 On Golden Girls with Leslie Barton

Okay, this was SO MUCH FUN! We had the super funny and rambunctious, Leslie Barton (@yorbeautifl, Leslie's Comedy Corner, Space 55) watch the next episode of da Golden Girls with us! In this one, Blanche's dumb, allegedly, 14-year-old grandson comes to visit and he shakes things up with his popped collar and talkin' all 80's slangy. We discussed the Miami Vice TV crew, "one-eyed pigs" and SEX in the 80's!

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The Golden Girls Ep 005 The Triangle with Michael Malone

We had the super funny, prolific Michael Malone (@malonecomedy, Bob and Tom, National Lampoon's Operation Comedy Tour) watch Episode 5, "The Triangle," with us! It was the one where Dorothy is dating a horndog doctor with a winking problem. We discussed Minnesota, Rocko's Modern Life shirts and wearing 5 types of mascara. 

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The Golden Girls Ep 004 Transplant with Wendy Liebman

The funny, witty Wendy Liebman (@WendyLiebman, America's Got Talent, Comedy Central) watched the 4th episode of the Golden Girls with us! We laughed, we cried! It was a Lifetime Made for TV Movie squeezed into 22 minutes! It was the one where Blanche holds her sister's life in her vivacious hands. We talk water skiing accidents, fritos and baby stealing! 

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